What we do

“We offer expert support across every stage of your recruitment process”

MyPAM uses data science and machine learning to connect, match and recruit early careers talent, with the right fit into the right companies and right roles fairly, impartially and cost effectively.
Our solutions and services are built on the foundation – Our Platform – Our strength – Your Success

  • MyPAM – Our Talent acquisition platform
  • People – Talent acquisition specialists, developers, data analytics and data scientists
  • Talent matching – Our culture matching quiz matching the right talent with the right fit in the right role

“We support some of the world’s most active organisations early careers teams to recruit early careers talent faster, fairer, impartially and cost effectively”

Our talent acquisition platform enables organisations to –

  • Analyse, track and visualise key recruitment data and metrics
  • Design and implement effective and efficient early career recruitment strategy
  • Talent match – engage, attract and recruit the right talent in the right roles
  • Assess early career talent
  • Connect and match the best culture fit talent into the right roles
  • Effectively onboard talent
  • Create a cost effective, fairer and impartial recruitment process
  • Retain early career talent

Our platform can integrate into existing HR software and enables us to work with existing in-house early career talent teams or operate as your organisations early careers platform.


“Helping the organisations to accelerate their growth”

We work with hypergrowth, large and enterprise organisations to build and scale their early career recruitment needs from large volume requirements to strategic early career recruitment.

  • Analytics – analyse recruitment data and metrics, visualising data and insights
  • Recruiting Talent – strategy design and delivery, assessment planning and delivery
  • Talent matching – attraction and engagement, assessment & selection, campaign and recruitment marketing.
  • Talent management – employer and candidate engagement, interview management, candidate engagement
  • Talent assessment – culture matching assessing and matching the right culture fit with the right roles
  • Onboarding talent – interview process management, candidate engagement and onboarding.