Hiring early careers talent fairer, faster and cost effectively

We are global experts in discovering tomorrow’s talent and creating the future of work using data science and machine learning to identify, match and connect the right talent with the right fit in the right roles.

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Making early careers recruitment fairer

Our mission is to make early careers impartial and cost effective through unlocking the power of data science and machine learning and enable organisations to build effective and efficient recruitment processes to match the right talent in the right roles with the right fit.

What we do

Our Platform, Our Strength, Your Success

MyPAM is an early careers talent acquisition platform which enables organisations to manage their entire early careers recruitment process from analysing and visualising key recruitment metrics and data, talent matching and connecting early careers talent, recruiting and onboarding talent into the right roles, with the right fit at the right time.

MyPAM is a scalable and integrable talent acquisition platform built to enable organisations to recruit the best early careers talent in the right roles, with the right fit, in the right roles. Secure, GDPR compliant and easy to implement as part of existing HR software or as a stand-alone early career recruitment software.

Early careers recruitment is that the heart of what we do:

  • Analyse and visualise organisations recruitment data and metrics.

  • Strategy design - Insights and actions to design, develop and implement effective early careers recruitment process.

  • Talent matching - identify, engage, assesses, match, connect and recruit early careers talent into the right roles.

  • Culture matching talent with the right fit into the right roles.

  • Talent relationship management, onboarding successful recruits into the organisation.


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Our Team

“Connecting the dots between today and the future”

With over 20 years’ experience in early careers recruitment, we know and understand the potential and positive impact of early careers talent on organisations. We understand the challenges faced by organisations and early careers talent when it comes to accessing opportunities and talent pools.

Our purpose is to use all this know how to create a fairer recruitment process for organisations to recruit early career talent efficiently and effectively and early careers talent to have fairer and impartial access to the exciting roles on offer.

Our mission is to make early careers recruitment impartial and cost effective.

We have indepth knowledge and experience of the early career ecosystem from schools, further education, universities to outside of education system.

Our experience in early career recruitment data science and machine learning gives us the edge which enables us to work with the world’s most active early careers recruitment teams and hiring companies to build, implement and solve the biggest and toughest challenges of connecting, matching and recruiting early careers talent.

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